As a buyer  you can go out on your own and represent yourself,
contact all of the different listing agents of properties you find, or
contact For Sale by Owners yourself.  There is nothing wrong with that
thought other than, listing agents by law are representing the seller and
looking out for the sellers interest.  It takes time and money to search
for properties for sale.  A person selling their own property is looking to
save a commission and may not be forthcoming with all of the facts
about their home.

You need someone working for YOU!  
Looking out for YOU!
Finding the right Property for YOU!
At the right price for You!

And we
don't expect you to pay for any of the professional services
we are going to provide you!

Again you the buyer may not be protected,  That is were we can help.  
You need someone on your side that is familiar with all of the paper
work and will research the property and advise you on its' value, guide
you to real estate related professionals like, attorneys, mortgage
companies, home inspectors, appraisers, surveyors, and
exterminators.  These are professionals  who can insure that you are
protected.  We will, at the same time, be overseeing and reviewing their
findings and analyzing their opinions.  After doing a Current Market
Analysis on the property we will assist you in establishing an offer to
purchase.  We will prepare all necessary documents and submit them
on your behalf. We will be with you all of the way to closing and be
there with you when you close.  Working together we will insure that
you have made a well informed, money saving, and protected purchase
and Surrounding