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What every first time home buyer should know Walterboro Realty, LLC offers these tips to first-time
home buyers to help make the process easier.  Making a list of wants and needs before beginning the search for
a home can make the entire process less overwhelming.

Finding the right home
Your Walterboro Realty, LLC sales associate can provide detailed information on almost any property currently
listed for sale, whether it is listed by a Coldwell Banker agent or another real estate company.

Make an offer they can’t refuse
When the demand for houses in a sizzling marketplace outweighs the supply of houses available, many
consumers think the highest offer is a sure-fire way to claim ownership of their dream home. Bidding for a house
doesn't always require upping the stakes.

Financial FAQs.  What you need to know about loans.
What is the difference between "prequalified" and "pre-approved"?  What types of mortgage programs are
offered?  We're here to help you make educated real estate financing decisions.  

Why do I need a home inspection?
The purchase of a home is one of the biggest investments people will make in their lifetimes. A home inspection
helps ensure home buyers of the quality of their investments by making them aware of its condition and alerting
them to any concerns.

Get pre approved for a loan before you start.  
Getting pre approved can help improve your negotiation power.  This is key for sellers who have a buyer with a
per approval  letter to validate a purchase offer.

What will a home warranty do for me?
A Home Warranty makes selling your home easier.  Ask your Walterboro Realty agent for information on the
various warranties available.

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Buyer Resources
To help you in your buying process, Walterboro Realty United Country has assembled
some world-class resources. And when you're ready to move to the next step, be sure to
contact a Walterboro Realty, LLC Sales Associate - they can make all the difference.
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