Ray Richards
Representation for
Buyers and Sellers

I am a Realtor and a member of the:
National Association of Realtors,
South Carolina Association of Realtors,
Walterboro Board of Realtors,
as well as a member of the
Charleston Multiple Listing Service.

My participation in the above associations
assures you of receiving the highest level of
professional real estate services available.

In todays highly competitive market
you need a Real Estate Professional, who is
up to date on the current market trends that will effect
the marketing of your home.  Proper marketing of your
home will be essential to the successful and expedient
sale of your property.  "Old School" marketing of
simply placing a sign in the yard and an occasional ad
will not work in todays market.

More than 80% of all buyers search the Internet
before making a Real Estate Purchase.

As your Real Estate Agent I will use a wide array of
Marketing Resources to promote the expedient sale of
your property.  

Some of the marketing tools I will use are:  

* News Paper   * Magazine   * Internet

Multiple Listing Service
Reaches more than 3,000 Realtors.

World Wide Web
Realtor.com                   Google Base
Coldwell Banker.com       Yahoo Real Estate
Home Deal SC.com          AOL Real Estate
Trulia.com                        Front Door
even YouTube.com
and more!

As a buyer  you can go out on your own and represent
yourself, contact all of the different listing agents or For
Sale by Owners of  properties you find,
There is nothing wrong with that thought other
than, listing agents by law are representing the seller
and looking out for the sellers interest.  
What is Agency?
It takes time and money to search for properties for
sale.  A person selling their own property may not be
forthcoming with all of the facts about their home  nor
have the proper paperwork to complete a legal

You need someone working for YOU!  
Looking out for YOU!
Finding the right Property for YOU!
At the right price for You!

That is were I can help as your "Buyers Agent"!
You need someone on your side that is familiar with all
of the paper work and will research the property and
advise you on its' value.
After doing a Current Market Analysis on the property I
will assist you in establishing an offer to purchase.
I will prepare all necessary documents and submit them
on your behalf.
I will provide you with a list of real estate related
professionals like, attorneys, mortgage companies,
home inspectors, appraisers, surveyors, and
exterminators.  These are professionals  who can
insure that you are protected.  I will oversee and review
their findings and analyze their opinions.  
I will be with you all of the way to closing and be
at your side at the closing table.

Working together we will insure that you
have made a well informed, money saving, and
protected purchase decision.

And I
don't expect you to pay for any of the professional
services I am going to provide you!
God Bless our Troops!

Thank you for serving our
country and keeping us safe!

A special
Thanks and Prayer
for My Loved Ones

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Internet Marketing Specialist.
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