ER Med Link
The medical information card EVERYONE needs to have in their wallet!
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When an accident occurs........
When minutes count .......
Will they know.......
* Your Medical Conditions
  * Your Allergies
  * Your Medications
  * Who to contact
With This card
They will!!!
It is not always a vehicle accident.......
With the card they will have it all!
Any Health Issue....
* A Heart Attack
* A Stroke
* A Fall
They will have the information
     at their fingertips.
Any information you deem important........
     i.e.   A living will can alert them to your wishes.
Why The Card
Your vital information lies behind the QR Code
on the card.  One click links the user to Your
vital information.   We upload your vital
medical information and tie it to the unique
QR Code we produce for you.
     You can include any documents you desire through this one
link.  People's conditions change through life.  Our medical
conditions, our prescriptions, our contacts and even our
medical treatment choices change.  The QR Code
changes  The only change you will normally need will be your
information updates.

    Always have your information up to date.  Our services offer
information updates, so that your information stays current.  
You can change your contacts, medications, or any
information through one simple email.  We will do the rest.  All
information is confidential.

    If you have an address change or choose to change your
photo, we can create a new card for you without changing the
QR code. This way your information remains unchanged and
your current card will be active until you receive your new

    We also offer to set you up with and account so that you
manage your own data and information.